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China shipping forwarders and Taobao agents are booming worldwide, because of the demand of service. You don’t need to pay VIP prices to a local or online store that buy from China, because now you can directly buy from China factories or China online stores that every Chinese buy for himself! The possibilities are endless, you can build online and local business with manufacturer price and you don’t even need to go to China!



How China shipping Taobao agent works?

You register to a Taobao agent website, copy the link of product you want from China and give to agent. He will buy the product for you and store it to a warehouse where you can wait with free storage time for other orders to arrive, ask agent for real photos, video, measurement and quality check, change package or return the product. All of those for very cheap price! When you are ready, you ask the agent to send the package where you want in the world. Also you can see the estimate time and  shipping price calculated by weight and destination country before you order anything. (you will find a table estimated shipping prices and where to estimate shipping yourself)


China & Taobao Agents will handle EVERYTHING for you! From domestic shipping, papers, quality check to packing and international shipping! Dropshipping business with agents are a dream come true, because you have thousands of first hand suppliers. There is no need to buy from an Aliexpress seller who bought from someone else and so on.

Also buying from Chinese stores and factories who target everyday Chinese man salary, is a mind blowing move. So breath in and out and let’s see the list of best china shipping agents.



Wegobuy100%Wegobuy promise for free shopping agent serviceYesFast, 24/7Dropshipping, Shipping forward, Support Reps, Cost Calculator, English$30 divided couponsReview




Buying direct from Taobao vs China Taobao Agent

Why to buy direct from Taobao? There are pros and cons, how easier, comfortable and convenable it depends on you for choosing best shipping Taobao method. Cons about buying from Taobao with direct shipping is that you need to translate from Chinese to English the website with Google Auto Translator (check pictures below) and if you need to contact seller or live chat, you need to translate messages also with Google Translate. This is a time consuming for some people. Also you need to be part of Taobao supported countries for direct international shipping, check below to check which are.

On the other side, is not that hard, is like shopping from Aliexpress or Amazon, just is in Chinese. If you are from Taobao supported shipping countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Macau or Taiwan, your Taobao order will be sent to a Taobao warehouse and from there, the package will be sent to you, without commissions or expensive international shipping. In fact Taobao shipping is cheapest and cheaper than Taobao Agents.


Should I buy direct from Taobao or should I use an agent?

  • If you don’t mind a little effort for saving extra money you should buy direct from Taobao. (If you are from support country.)

  • If you like nice and easy for extra price, you should choose a Taobao Agent.




How much is Taobao Agents shipping cost price?

For a better point of view and for the sake of efficiency below is an approximate table with Taobao shipping cost to USA. The shipping company chosen was the fastest (5-10 days) for the price. There are also  cheaper alternatives but with longer shipping time (maybe 20+ days) and with no branded goods allowed policy.




Recommended and best China shops to buy with Agents?

Taobao agents will handle every website in general. If you don’t know from where to start, you can take a look at recommended and best China online shopping websites for B2b, B2c, wholesale, retail, dropshipping :


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