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If you are decided to buy a watch from Aliexpress or just looking around, you will find here ultimate Aliexpress men watches sellers list based on multiple information gathered from our shopping experience but most important from our powerful Aliexpress sellers algorithm.



Link to store
Skmei Official Store⭐ 10,450
6 years913,433
LIGE Official Store⭐ 12,022
5 years864,836
12 Watch Store⭐ 11,811
10 years557,506
Chinese Watch factory⭐ 8,470
9 years572,194
BOBO BIRD Official Store⭐ 1,954
9 years625,141
CRRJU Official Store⭐ 3,972
7 years600,602
damon zone Store⭐ 308
8 years572,204
BOAMIGO Official Store⭐ 1,508
5 years496,676
Reef Tiger official store⭐ 487
8 years469,177
BOBO BIRD WoodCraft Factory Store⭐ 408
6 years460,902
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What to look when buying men watches from Aliexpress sellers?

Price is definitely an important factor, but not the only one. Quality is also important to make a decision to acquire the accessory. 3rd important factor to have in mind is the design of course!

Considering those: price, quality and design of a watch, you can find a lot of watches on Aliexpress...Over 300 sellers and 2000+ men watch designs, to give some numbers.

Deciding which watch to buy from Aliexpress is time consuming. Hopefully our list will make your decision easier, safer and handy.

Our tip buying a men watch from Aliexpress sellers:

Using our list, check top 10 watches sellers. Price, quality and safety are already included in our list, so only thing to look is for your favorite watch design.

Types of watches you can find at sellers on Aliexpress:

  • Quartz Watches

  • Sports Watches

  • Digital Watches

  • Mechanical Watches

  • Smart Watches

6 questions to ask yourself before buying a watch

-What type of watch do you need?

-What features are important to you?

-What price range are you willing to spend?

-Where do you plan on wearing your watch?

-What style of watch are you attracted to?

What type of watch do you need?

The type of watch you need depends on your lifestyle. If you like to wear a dress watch for more formal occasions, then a standard wristwatch is what you need.

Due to increase in demand, many international watch brands have invested in China and produce their products here. China is the world's largest watch producer, exporting the highest number of watches per year; moreover, it has the most expansive domestic watch industry.

Watch sellers is one of the most popular seller's around in China. They are responsible for selling all kinds of watches, both new and old around a few different areas in China. They also sell mainly men's wrist watches as well as other accessories such as belts and shoes.

There are many reasons as to why many people believe that buying from China is worth the risk of buying directly from sellers on the other side of the world. One major reason for this is for cost savings; well-priced gadgets can be found here more easily. Additionally, there are still restrictions online and on some ecommerce sites in Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and many more that are not available at all on AliExpress or with sellers who buy from China wholesale.

Buying a men watch from Aliexpress can be a high risk but can be very rewarding. With our sellers table you don't need to worry anymore, just choose the watch which you like.

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