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We made a list of best Aliexpress drone sellers based on multiple data points of our algorithm. Also you will find more information about drone sellers on Aliexpress, like best prices, quality and shipping time.



Link to store
AXNEN Official Store⭐ 5,975
11 years682,219
DJI ALI Store⭐ 5,019
7 years648,151
RondaFul Brand FlagShip Store⭐ 1,385
8 years379,405
EACHINE Store⭐ 155
7 years362,646
ENKLOV Phone Accessories Store⭐ 6,420
4 years273,367
SHAREFUNBAY Official Store⭐ 8,741
4 years202,081
CEVENNESFE Global Store⭐ 10,414
6 years181,135
Autel Official Store⭐ 1,657
5 years266,188
LAUMOX Official Store⭐ 790
4 years229,008
FIMI Official Store⭐ 2,603
3 years203,140
last updated @ 25 days ago

What to look when buying a drone from Aliexpress sellers?

To break everything down, here are the main areas to focus while buying a product from Aliexpress sellers: price, quality and shipping.

Price and quality

Price and quality of drones have direct ratio, meaning cheaper ones are the bad quality ones. No exception when it comes to manufacturing mass products for cheap prices!

Choosing a drone to buy, would be great with a balanced budget, safely choice is choosing most popular one by number of sales. Not the cheapest not the expensive, if you are new and don't know much about drones.

Drone features

Having some experience with drones, or you did your research, will lead us to next step of choosing best drone to buy from Aliexpress which is product features : RTF (Ready-To-Fly), BNF (Bind-And-Fly), ARF (Almost-ready-to-fly).

There are many types of drones: Racing drones, Trick drones, Camera drones, Compact drones, Hobby drones, Professional drones and the list get bigger every year based on tech development.

We make our Aliexpress drone sellers list based also on this criteria, you can find drone sellers from low to high range of products.

Drone sellers

Choosing a seller can be overwhelming and time wasting because there are many things to consider , especially if is your first time choosing a drone. Drone shipping and custom taxes can be saved, based on seller warehouse location. Some Aliexpress drone sellers might have warehouses in USA or Europe, that makes shipping great. Will save you a lot of time and no custom taxes.

Buying drone from aliexpress with our seller list is easy and safe because we compress a big list of drone sellers (over 300) by multiple data point and order them by a score so first ones in table are the best choice to buy drones.

What do avoid from Aliexpress drone sellers

Drone seller trust is based on it's service, drone quality and customer reviews, that we had in mind when made the Aliexpress list. Buying from top rated sellers will make your buying experience safe with no unpleasant events.


Buying drones from Aliexpress seller is safe and decent - medium to good quality depending of money you are willing to invest in a drone. Using sellers list will definitely make your life easier.

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